An unusual, different and innovative Photobooth solution …

EASYsketch is a new generation solution that you can use to launch products, birthday parties, meetings, private parties, festivals, indoor and outdoor spaces and wherever you want to promote your brand.

EASYSketch allows you to enable your guests to create fun graphite on the screens.

Using add-ons such as digital eyebrows, eye, mustache by drag and drop, you can make funny and fun photos.

The large touch screen, which is an integral part of this product, provides entertainment for your participants and guests, and gives you the opportunity to put your products and your brand in the spotlight.

At events, with the help of a digital cockpit with a touch screen that offers the ability to capture guests and instantly create photos, you can make your own branding.

We can create photos in accordance with the animations you want, as well as to create wallpapers as you wish or you can use existing color wallpapers.

You can use the messages you use during your event or logo of your brand / company on any created or shared photo.

Using the photo filter option, you can make black and white or color photos.

In addition, EASYsketch allows you to share your unforgettable moments on social networks, and in this way, you will also share entertainment on social media.