With Photobooth solution, provide your guests with a nice party …

EASYBooth is Photobooth a lasting and fun solution that you can use on all events, which will allow you to have a good time with your guests.

On your own events, using cabinets equipped with touch screens that give participants the ability to take photos and instantly create photos, you can do personal branding.

In the installed cabs, participants can take pictures, use hats, mustache, glasses and similar masks, so you can make fun photos.

We can create photos according to the animations you want, as well as to create wallpapers which you want or you can use existing color wallpapers. Messages that will be used during the event or the logo of your brand / company, you can use on each drawn or shared photos.

In addition, EASYbooth allows you to share your unforgettable moments on social networks, because in this way you will also share entertainment on social media.

With our Greenbox application, your guests will be able to choose background wallpapers with the through the touch screen, thus making and creating fun photos as if they were being photographed in different places around the world. If you want, we can integrate your guests into your brand and make fun photos.

You can use this fun solution for organizing events to organize meetings, festivals, fairs, weddings, product placement, and so on.