EASYFace (Thinking balloons)


Thinking balloons that talk

EasyFace is a digital animated system designed to attract visitors attention and routing to a specific place during events such as fairs, product and organization promotion, and more.

EasyFace system is based on an algorithm of “smart” image processing, which means that recognizes faces of people passing. After identifying a person, the system adds a balloon with a message to that person who has recognized it and can add an animation in the form of a wig, a mustache, and so on. All these animations are displayed at the same time on the screen and accompany that person during that event.


Benefits of this system:

  • Attracting visitors’ attention and directing to the desired location / stand
  • Focus visitors on advertising space
  • Enabling long-term brand awareness
  • At the same time, visitors are entertained and watch the advertisement of the product
  • During the rendering of the visitor’s animation, his attention is raised to a higher level, and as such focuses on the displayed brands
  • Live application of animation
  • During the application, it can also create photographs of visitors that are being saved
  • Provide selfies, and if you want, you can give your visitors their photos with your information about the product
  • Before the activities you can set up the system to upload pictures directly to a tweet, and through your social network, your brand comes up to the widest masses