Easy Booth

  It’s a fun activity for your guests to enjoy during your events. Inside our photo cabins, participants can create delightful photos by taking pictures of themselves and picking a theme via th... Read More

Easy Sketch

EASYSKETCH   EasySketch lets you present fun graffiti displays to your guests. You can easily create fun and entertaining frames by dragging & dropping elements such as eyes, mustache, eyebro... Read More

Easy Games

EASYGAMES They’re fun games we’ve developed for you to communicate with the participants in your organizations and impress them. We have high-tech solutions through which you can bring your produc... Read More

Easy Robo

EasyRobo is a unique product, the prodigy child of iPad technology and mechanical engineering. Manage it online through your phone, iPad or computer. Direct your robot remotely with Internet access, p... Read More

Easy Face

It’s a real-time digital animation system developed with smart image processing algorithms and designed specifically to attract the attention of the visitors and lead them towards the stand area of ... Read More