Post your messages and your brand on social media …

At the same time, with the increase in the space occupied by social media in our lives, we meet new needs. Of all the needs, the most important are the applications of the social wall. In recent years, with the help of TweetWall and Instawall, we have become accustomed to seeing them on events, the interaction on events has increased, and more effective tracking of events has been made. Because of this, social wall applications have become an inseparable part of the event.

Our EASYwall application programmed on the web database has been developed in a special way to use on events. It encourages participants to correspond via Instagram and Twitter, and enhances interaction and visibility on social media.

The application is specially designed that can add brand logo or motto. In addition, with its integrated moderation structure, it prevents the appearance of unwanted content and photos on the screen.

Social walls are used for organizing various events such as festivals, concerts, conferences, sports competitions, street sales and wedding invitations.