Robot for teleconferencing

We are the leading company in Turkey when it comes to rental services for DoubleRobotics, and also the first company that started using the DoubleRobotics in the sector for organization of events.

Our company has an great knowledge and experience in finding solutions for renting DoubleRobotics and organizing events. Also, we have a dynamic infrastructure for providing complete rental service DoubleRobotics, starting from the hardware to the software, which is adjusted in accordance with the daily needs.

Benefits of DoubleRobotics at events:

  • Including a virtual participant at a meeting,
  • Realization of live facetime conferences,
  • Product promotion can be carried out,
  • Welcoming your guests with robotics,
  • Sharing business cards, sweets or brochures,
  • Conducting surveys and many more things to impress participants.

Distance is no longer a problem!

DoubleRobotics is the newest way to bring your employees to the office. It raises distance interaction with your employees to a level that you cannot even imagine.

Without a doubt, the use of traditional video conferencing is the most used by remote employees. However, distance employees know that it may be difficult to plan a call or ask someone to set up the settings on a video-sharing laptop.

If you own one DoubleRobotics, this means that you do not have the need to plan meetings and that you are free to walk as you wish. By video calling over your iPad that is connected via DoubleRobotics, you can switch whatever you like to the platform and take control of the distance in your own hands.

DoubleRobotics is always ready to take you to any destination you want.

Employees who work remotely, are now first-class citizens.

During working hours, we do a lot of brief interviews with employees, but how many of these information at meetings are missed by employees who are currently working outside of the office? Otherwise, the employees who work from their homes contact only when it comes to something very important. Because they cannot personally attend daily activities, become a kind of second-class citizens. Thanks to DoubleRobotics, from now on and remote employees can be every day during all the events in the office. You will be able to see your employees in the corridors talking to employees who work outside the office. You will no longer be in the dilemma whether it is necessary to call an employee who is not currently in or working from his home, because everyone will be informed in a timely manner as soon as possible.

“This will change everything!”

DoubleRobotics will change many things for remote employees. The company’s experience with the use of DoubleRobotics is so positive that they feel the need to develop the same policy. This kind of work is very innovative, and it creates a solidarity atmosphere for both employees working at a distance and for the whole team of employees.


Mixed learning / Hybrid class


In higher education, there is the possibility of using Double Robotics in different ways. One of them is that it provides an opportunity lecturers from other cities to follow the instruction in hybrid classes that consist of attending students on the spot and the students who participate remotely. There are also tours of libraries remotely.

Distance learning students

It is very difficult to convey an atmosphere of learning in a school to a student who cannot move, who is in hospital or for some other reason wants to study from home. Thanks to Double Robotics, these students can attend classes, communicate with other students, and participate in group discussions. DoubleRobotics is a revolutionary device for students who are prevented from attending classes.

Thanks to DoubleRobotics, schools save up to dozens of thousands of marks in the budget allocated for professional development. Program services such as Lindamood, Bell and TinyEye enable teachers, associates and experts to hold classes when they are not currently at work place.

From now on, employees and associates working at a distance will not have to waste time traveling from one city to another. And the budget you would spend on travel expenses, you can focus on other educational activities or on professional education.