EASYregistration (Portal for registration)

Professional online registration system for your events …

Make an impeccable registration to the event …

With our professional solutions for registration systems, which are the most important part of user needs on events, successfully organize your events.

Following the principle of “turnkey” offer perfect solutions for the delivery of modules that will be used from the beginning, during and at the end of the event.

The solutions we provide facilitate your business and will spare you unnecessary burden.

All registration modules we develop are used online and no matter which part of the planet you are in, you will have unlimited access. Stop wasting time and money!

With our innovative technologies and systems, you can get speed and efficiency. Enjoy compatibility with all of our modules we offer.

Participants through the online registration portal can simply make a registration or payment. In accordance with the needs of the event, the necessary upgrades and adaptations can be made, and the desired updates can be made during the event. For example: choosing seats, participating in premier nights and so on.

We can create special forms that you can use for congresses, fairs, seminars, organizational meetings, festivals and other events.

Before the event starts, an email is sent to the target group of participants / members, and a link for registration or a website is sent.

The participant who through the system registers receives an email confirming the registration. A passcode, barcode or cube code is sent via e-mail or SMS.

EASYRegistration works in complete synchronization with our other solutions used in that field (EASYReader, EASYdesk, EASYgate, EASYrfid).

Advantages of EASYRegistration:

  • Custom design and content
  • Options are free, and registration for a fee
  • Complete integration with other modules
  • Sending information about registration confirmation by e-mail or SMS
  • Detailed reports


EASYdesk (On-site Registration Module)


EASYdesk is an online-based software system that is used to create pass-through / accreditation for participants before or during the event. In accordance with the needs of the event, a barcode accreditation is made.

With EasyDesk, you can quickly transfer information about the registration of the participants that you prepared before the event starts, into the database.

Checking data on registered participants in the database is done quickly and easily, as well as entering new data or making changes to an existing entry.

We can make menus that can be updated according to the needs of the event.

With friendly interface, we offer the possibility of quick and easy use. A user interface can be branded for a specific event.

We provide solutions for integrated modules for quick download of accreditations for participants who came with electronic invitations.

We can make QRcode on accreditations. Participants reading the code via their phone can access only events with specially prepared digital programs, an advertising video, or a website.

Advantages of EASYDesk:

  • Friendly interface
  • Flexible menu
  • Quick access to database and database search
  • Compatibility of thermal, offset and plastic accreditations
  • Options with Barcode, QRCode, and RFID


EASYkiosk (Self-check in kiosk)

No more waiting for accreditation …

When you come to the place where you are invited, if you do not want to wait in front of the sign-in booth and if you do not want the crowds to create, then this is a professional solution for you.

With online registration systems, participants will be sent a code for access to the registration before the beginning of the event via an e-mail or SMS message. When a participant comes to the scene, participant only scans the barcode from the cell phone screen or type in the code on the screen and can easily download the accreditation.

The participant, with advanced barcode readers on the stand, can read the bar from the screen of his cell phone or from paper, and make his own accreditation.

We are developing procedures for printing customized accreditations. For example, allow / disable printing more than one accreditation …

Advantages of EASYKioska:

– Friendly interface

– High performance

– Integrated professional design

– Integration with the sign-in counter

– Authorization for printing a card


EASYreader (Smart Read Technology)

Innovative, smart and flexible …

Barcodes that are read with EASYreader are instantly stored in the database and the query can be queried at the same time.

EASYReader operates independently of the location, because it is a smart barcode reading system that can be used indoors and in the open space.

By searching the database, you can find the entered barcodes and input information about the participant and its authorizations. In this way, the passage control points are checked.

EASYReader reads information via the Internet, stores the notes in the database, which need to be read before the event, such as session identification, the granting of authority to zone staff and sessions.

The reader’s screen can provide information about the number of people who are read.

We present professional solutions for easy access to all data and processing them according to your needs.


More secure with smart spinners …

We create a smart rotating system that can be used at fairs, congresses, conferences, concerts, festivals and similar events that can be used for a controlled / authorized passage.

We offer controlled passage and reporting systems via smart automatic rotary knobs that can be configured via the Internet or offline.

Rotators with optical reader

Barcodes can be made for individual or group authorization, which will be used on a daily basis or throughout the event.

We provide advanced solutions for controlling the entry, exit and monitoring of participants, offering instant changes and changes to authorizations.

The screens that are on the smart rotators

We offer logo and animations that can be customized according to the needs of the event.

On the basis of the reading of the barcode, the participants are receiving welcome messages, passage and control are being carried out, and messages of authorization are being sent.



Innovative technologies for registration

You can get the information you want about participants who have come to your event using technologically advanced RFID reading points. These information that you cannot collect with your personal efforts, RFID will collect for you without a problem.


Without any harassment and contact with participants during the event, you can collect information about them and make a detailed report after the event.

You can use an RFID reading point individually (stand-alone) or with a network system via the Internet.

Advantages of EASYRfid:

  • For each participant, a system for recognizing passes is made through the RFID chip.
  • When passing through the RFID point, high performance readouts are obtained.
  • A detailed movement report that can be lowered to an individual level can be compiled. After reading the person’s passage, private messages for that person can be displayed on the screens that connect to RFID points. (E.g., welcome messages at the entrance and outgoing messages while exiting).
  • With the system for measuring the time spent at the event, you can get information about how much the participant spent time in the lounge or session.